Famous all over the world, timbers are still popular for many years. This is not surprising, because now it is very difficult to find warm and waterproof shoes. Unlike many other options, the timbers are doing an excellent job of this task.

Few people know that these shoes were originally created for loggers. And the bright yellow color of the shoe helped them navigate and not lose sight of each other. Now everything has changed, the color scale has significantly expanded, and different models were presented. Therefore now they are in the wardrobe not only in men, but also in women and even children.

Features and rules for choosing timbers

The most important feature of this shoe is its ability to perfectly tolerate any climate. That is, even simple demi-season shoes can withstand not only snow, slush or rain, but even heat. And all because for the production is chosen only high-quality, wear-resistant material. In addition, a special technology is used for the sole, which makes them waterproof.

Despite the rather high cost of shoes, many make a choice in its favor. This is especially true for the winter season. After all, due to the features of the sole, the shoes do not slip, which means that the probability of falling will be much less. Agree, a weighty advantage.

In addition, in products for the winter season, a thermoregulatory lining is provided. And also used natural fur. Thanks to this, they are suitable even for a place where the frosts are very strong.

As for the selection process, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to personal comfort. Of course, this type of footwear is designed in such a way that footsteps are as comfortable as possible. But nevertheless there are individual features that can not be taken into account.

Manufacturers have taken care of reliable fixation of the heel. This is very important, especially for those who like to walk long distances. The same can be said about the shape of the sock. It is quite wide, so it can not squeeze the fingers. In the modern world, finding such shoes can be problematic.

Also worth noting is the quality of the insole. Virtually all models are removable, which is very convenient in everyday life. In addition, it supports the shape of the foot and helps to evenly distribute the load. Therefore, in such shoes you will feel most comfortable.

With what to wear timbers?

Despite such popularity of famous shoes, many are still wondering about what to combine them with. In fact, they fit literally into everything. Therefore, they just adore tourists and travelers, as well as those who just love to walk a lot.

Timberlands look good not only with the ethnic or cowboy style, but also with different images of military and kazhual. Modern women of fashion also create unusual images with elements of classical style. But it is important to take every detail into account, so that everything looks harmonious, not ridiculous.

It should be noted that now there are not only yellow models. Manufacturers presented a fairly wide range of colors, so you can choose the most appropriate shade for yourself. As for the combination options, we have prepared for you a selection of the most popular and stylish images.

Perhaps, the most popular variant of combination with timbers is jeans. This is not surprising, because they are very comfortable and practical. Therefore, you can safely choose not only tight jeans, but also voluminous boyfriends. Narrowed jeans can be tucked into shoes, and straight or wide are better to tuck.

You can complement the image as a tight-fitting jumper and over-the-top jacket. Focus on your preferences in clothes. For the cold season, the park or a voluminous jacket and even a down jacket are best.

Despite the fact that the image with jeans has long become a kind of classic, stylists offer no less interesting option. Try on shoes with leggings and you will see that this combination looks more feminine. Especially if you complement it with an interesting blouse or jumper.

We also recommend trying to create a multi-layered image. This is especially true for the winter season, as it can be quite cold outside.

Despite the special popularity of timbers in the cold season, in summer they are no less in demand. Often, they are chosen by creative personalities or by those who like to experiment with the style, creating interesting images.

Best of all, these shoes look with short shorts, preferably denim. You can supplement the image with a T-shirt, a shirt in a cage or even a oversize jumper. Such combinations always look very bold, bold and even sexy. Therefore, it is worth trying on this option.

Perhaps, the most courageous for many girls will be an image with timbers and a skirt or dress. However, not every option is suitable. We recommend choosing a dress in a sports style. For example, a vest, a straight dress or polo.

As for the skirt, it can be straight, classic, flared or midi length. It all depends on your imagination.

Of course, the most common variant of such shoes is in yellow color. But thanks to the variety of shades, you can easily choose what suits you for the color scheme. This allows you to create stylish images in everyday life.

Girls who like more feminine bows, we recommend paying attention to soft pink or blue shoes. They are perfect even for a romantic look with a dress.

A good alternative would be black timbers. Unlike color options, they are the most versatile and can be combined with almost every way.

Bis heute sind die Hölzer der Mastheim der modernen Fashionista. Wenn Sie also mit Bildern experimentieren möchten, erstellen Sie ungewöhnliche Kombinationen und achten Sie darauf, mindestens ein Paar zu erhalten.


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