With the arrival of spring, the color palette of our images and nail art changes dramatically. Bright pastel shades come to replace pastel calm shades. Spring is the best time to bring something new, unusual and interesting to your image and style. First of all, marigolds, which so need stylish and attractive nail art, are exposed to fashionable experiments.

The beautiful and well-groomed manicure of spring 2019 is the predominance of pastel shades, if not too saturated, but warm and colorful. In the trend of pleasant delicate colors: pink, purple, mint, blue, and many of their shades. In the spring of 2019, everything is also in the priority cute images of bears, butterflies, wild flowers, volumetric patterns on 1-2 nails, etc.

The classic version for spring manicure 2019 will be a french or moon design with a floral pattern, ombre, lace. Regardless of your chosen nail art, it is important to follow the main rule – to choose the right shades of gel polish and the overall color palette. In our review, we have prepared 100 stylish spring manicure ideas 2019 that will help you in creating your own nail art.

Gorgeous blue manicure spring 2019

The main shade of spring 2019 will be blue or ultraviolet, the main shade of the Pantone palette. Blue enchants with its depth and attractiveness. In the spring nail art, gentle shades of blue are dominated by the ombré effect. It looks interesting manicure „cat’s eye“, but not in deep colors with a dark shade, but in delicate shades: cornflower, aqua, celestial and others.

Play on the contrast, add purple and violet tones to the blue. Beautiful and spring-like bright combination of blue with orange and white.

Spring manicure 2019 with foil

Foil and other brilliant decor is a top coating that is rapidly gaining popularity among fashionistas. In addition, you can make such a design yourself using ordinary foil. Use it to create iridescent patterns, prints, cut the foil into small pieces and create the effect of „broken glass“ on the nails. If there is absolutely no desire to mess around with foil, then we can confine ourselves to kamifubuki, which in a few minutes will create a play of amazing beauty on the nails.

Fashionable pastel manicure spring 2019

Each new spring season brings with it fresh ideas for a pastel manicure, so gentle and light. The design with monochrome on the nails, nail art with ombre, geometry, minimalism will look beautiful and childishly cute. The main thing is not to burden your marigold with complex and intricate patterns, a couple of “air flowers” drawings, micro-flowers, abstract strokes or several romantic monograms are enough.

Manicure with negative space: trendy nail art of spring 2019

Do you want your manicure to look really attractive and fashionable? Then you just need to pay attention to the nail art with negative space. Manicure negative space is a design with no shaded areas. Combine it with color-blocks, a smoky coating, black matte varnish, geometric and floral patterns. It was the manicure with negative space that decorated the nails of most models at fashion shows in Milan and New York.

Stylish spring manicure with flowers 2019

No spring manicure does not do without floristics, because it is the most appropriate and self-evident pattern for bright nail art. But flowers are different flowers, the same flower can look different in the same nail art at the same time.

Your manicure will look gorgeous if you decorate it:

  • one large flower – it can be a gorgeous, carefully traced rose, peony, orchid
  • a neat sprig with leaves is an ideal option for manicure in minimalism style
  • pastel pattern with colors – use the sliders, hand-drawing the pattern with brushes

It is not necessary to decorate all marigolds with floral decorations, this is a kind of anti-trend of the season. Manicure should be thought out to the smallest detail, because with this design you will have to walk for at least 3 weeks. To make it easier for you to decide, we offer several of the most attractive ideas for spring manicure 2019.

Dots Stylish Spring Manicure 2019

The new trend of the spring season 2019 – manicure with dots. It can not be called a novelty, because similar nail art and previously met on the nails of fashionistas, but the manicure of spring 2019 is designed to change your attitude to these simple geometric shapes.

Now the nails of the fashionistas are decorated not with big points, several pieces per nail, but with a lot of miniature dots, which together create amazing mehendi patterns. Just look how concisely the manicure looks with dots design. Take as a basis beautiful examples of painting of hands and body and transfer them to your marigolds. Such a pattern looks very beautiful on a light background, while drawing is performed with rich black lacquer.

Laconic geometric manicure 2019

Geometry in all its manifestations has long been „living“ on the nails of fashionistas and it would seem that it has already exhausted itself. However, there are women of fashion who do not want to part with attractive, perfectly smooth lines, triangles, color-blocks and other patterns.

In the spring of 2019 in the tandem trend of geometry and minimalism. For a chic design, a couple of straight stripes and simple geometric shapes on 1-2 fingers are enough. Golden or silver lacquer, filling the cavities of the geometric pattern, will become an indispensable addition to such nail art.

Stylish marble manicure spring 2019

Marble design is another novelty that has smoothly moved from the winter nail art to the spring. What is the favorite marble manicure most fashionistas? Everything is due to the uniqueness of each design, because the drawing appears every time in a new way, it falls on the nails completely unpredictable.

As for the color scheme, the trend pastel nail art with pink and white or catchy with mint, pink, green, blue and black as a drawing pattern.

In the spring of 2019 you should not wait for shocking trends and designs. Many of the nail art that adorned the marigolds of the fashionistas in the winter of 2019 gradually shifted to spring looks. Girls can only experiment with ready-made colors, techniques and patterns.


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