Brand I.D.Sarrieri – a brand of luxury lingerie. Products, which manufactures the manufacturer, distinguished by a special tenderness, femininity, gentleness and refinement. About this underwear every woman dreams. It offers you to learn how to create the famous brand of underwear.


Many women believe that the products of this brand produce Italian designers, because it is from this country often deliver beautiful underwear. However, this is a mistake! Luxury items under the brand I.D.Sarrieri made in Romania, or rather, in Bucharest. The history of the brand began with the cherished dream of the Romanian normal girl, whose name is Julius Dobrin.



Julia was still a student when I started to dream about creating a luxurious and unusual outfits of lingerie for women who prefer to wear luxury items. The future head of a large production has always been responsive and passionate nature, moreover, it is easy to catch any changes in fashion, especially when it came to underwear.

When Julia Dobrin turned 25 years old, her dream began to come true. In 1992, it acquired the 55-year-old factory in the old part of Bucharest, made her underwear. From that moment began to develop the story I.D.Sarrieri, well-known brand around the world today.

Julius Dobrin – not just the head of a large production (factory covers an area of 20 thousand square meters and includes more than 500 employees.), She is also the inspirer, the heart and soul of this company. It was her tenacity and perseverance have led to the fact that 10 years after the founding of the brand has become world famous, popular and revered.


From the first days of its foundation the company only engaged in manufacturing women’s underwear and sleepwear at home. All collections are developed personally Yulia Dobrin, to help her professional team of designers comes.

The main purpose of Julia is to create unusual, elegant, sensual, sexy and attractive look of things. That is why all the fabrics for underwear to be ordered only from exclusive suppliers of lace and silk. When you create collections of luxurious accessories are also used, especially crystals Swarovski.

Known crystals have become the strength of the brand I.D.Sarrieri. Many customers of this brand called „God Swarovski in linen,“ as underwear designers know special techniques. With their help, the master applied to silk and lace patterns of stones and crystals, make beautiful tone transitions on the fabric, as well as use interesting forms of rock that Swarovski produces specifically for the popular brand I.D. Sarrieri.



Underwear Romanian brand I.D. Sarrieri sold not only in their own country. Showrooms with products of this company can be seen in Toronto, Paris, New York and other large cities.

Today, the collection of luxurious lingerie from Julia Dobrin love not only ordinary women around the world, but also well-known fashionista model of business and film industry. Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford, Julianne Moore, Cameron Diaz – it’s not all celebrities who bought underwear sets brand I.D. Sarrieri.


Underwear of this brand even appeared in popular films. Beautiful bra embroidered with crystals the Swarovski, shown in the film „The Devil Wears Prada.“

Fashion world takes every collection of underwear Julia Dobrin with open arms, with trembling waiting for her new achievements in the industry. According to the creator of the brand itself I.D. Sarrieri, luxurious linens should be dress for a special occasion, it is a daily privilege of girls who prefer products of this brand.



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