Since ancient times, women tend to look beautiful and charming, to emphasize their beauty and exclusivity. For this they use various achievements of the beauty industry. The easiest and most affordable way to embellish your appearance is to make a beautiful and bright nail art on the nails.

Why nails attract the first attention of others? Hands are always in sight, the general perception of the image depends on their appearance. You can be dressed mediocre, but if your marigolds are groomed properly, then you still have a positive and favorable opinion.

Fashion manicure with rhinestones 2019: trendy design with sparkling stones

Rhinestones need no introduction. This is so familiar and frequent element of stylish nail art, that the design without these decorations is perceived as incomplete. Transparent stones were invented 200 years ago by jeweler Georg Strass, who developed special potassium glass. Stones were not inferior to the sparkling of real gems and began to be widely used for the decoration of inexpensive jewelry.

Today, rhinestones are an integral part of fashionable nail art, which are designed to bring a touch of sophistication, nobility and style to every design. Rhinestones – a universal component that looks equally attractive in the evening, everyday, youth manicure. All you need is a pair of stones to transform a rather strict French jacket or moon design.

You will not surprise anyone with a manicure with rhinestones, since such designs have become customary and ordinary. But how to make a manicure with rhinestones an object for admiration and imitation? What original ideas do world nail art masters offer to simple women of fashion? Let’s talk about it in our detailed review.

Stylish manicure with 3D rhinestones

3D rhinestones – a new round of development of manicure with sparkling stones. Bulk rhinestones are convex and fairly realistic figures of animals, people and other objects. Design with such elements looks truly luxurious, attracting the deserved attention of others. Do you want to shine in all senses and be an example to follow? Then be sure to pay your attention to the inlay of the nails with voluminous 3D rhinestones.

3D rhinestones are easily attached with a special glue and are covered with a clear topcoat for reliability. So the design becomes even more realistic and attractive.

On sale you can find 3D-figures in the most diverse versions. For winter design, pick up stones in the form of bulky knobs, fir-trees, snowflakes. For summer manicure variety is even more extensive. Bright and fresh design with bulk fruits, flowers, sea motives: boats, anchors, foamy waves.

Stylish manicure with tapered rhinestones: a novelty in shiny nail art

If three-dimensional 3D crystals are used to create playful everyday nail art, then conical stones are necessary for accenting monochrome and stylistically adjusted designs. The variant with conical stones can fit into an office dress code, be used as a spectacular decoration for a theme party or simply as a way to complement your stylish image with a bright and unusual manicure.

A perfect design with conical stones should be thought out beforehand. So nail art masters recommend using only one accentric cone stone in the manicure as the center of the composition. Around it are smaller rhinestones, similar in shade and cut to the main stone.

Manicure with conical stones recently began to appear on the nails of fashionistas, so you have every chance to become the first “swallows” in promoting this unusual design.

Matte manicure with rhinestones: the perfect combination for a charming nail art

Matte surface – the most suitable for sparkling rhinestones. Such a contrasting neighborhood allows you to show the velvety and nobleness of matte varnish and show new facets of iridescent stones.

Use for manicure dark shades of lacquer: burgundy, wine, black, garnet, blue and others. In combination with rhinestones, dark matte varnish looks noble and expensive. At the same time you should not overdo it with stones in pursuit of a dazzling design. It is enough to accent the ring finger with rhinestones or to decorate the hole of each nail with them.

Manicure cat eye with rhinestones 2019

To create a cat-eye manicure, you need a special varnish with metal particles and a manicure magnet, which usually comes with a coating. The usual magnet for creating such a design will not work.

To get a charming design that looks like deep and iridescent cat eyes, it is necessary to cover the nails with varnish with metal components and hold a magnet on their surface. The final drawing depends on how you move the magnet: diagonally, horizontally, randomly, in a spiral, etc.

Manicure „cat’s eye“ is so noble and attractive that it practically does not need additional decorations. The only exceptions are sparkling rhinestones, which in small quantities can be placed on the edge or the base of the nails. Use transparent small rhinestones for design, avoiding conical and large stones that can divert attention from the main pattern.

Beautiful manicure with rhinestones for short nails

How to place sparkling rhinestones in a small space of the nail plate? It would seem an impossible task, because the designs overloaded with drawings and rhinestones fell out of favor among professional craftsmen and simple fashionistas.

For short nails, there is only one rule – to know the measure in the decor. Use to emphasize the manicure a few smallest rhinestones. An attractive and restrained look french dress with a smile line highlighted, the moon design with drawing rhinestones in the basal hole.

Incredibly tender design with wild flowers, buds and twigs, where rhinestones imitate dew drops and hearts of flowers. Needless to say, voluminous 3-D rhinestones and tapered stones on short claws will look pretentious and tasteless. Take a look at the photo-ideas of manicure on short nails in our review and you will understand by what principle the design with rhinestones should be carried out.

In professional circles they are of the opinion that rhinestones have already outlived their own, becoming something ordinary and not attractive. However, you should not write off rhinestones for scrap, because, as you know, fashion is cyclical and perhaps in a short time the manicure of fashionistas will sparkle with new modulations of sparkling stones and crystals.

To date, rhinestones remain the most popular and simple way to decorate marigolds, therefore, in spite of world trends and trends, iridescent stones still


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